Placement for autistic son


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    I have been struggling for about a year or more. I had chosen a curriculum CM based but have been growing discouraged. I have been focusing on getting my son ready for year 1 and preoccupied about how to figure out how he will be ready for those books. My son will be seven but only enjoys picture books. Longer books overwhelm him and those times are filled with frustration for him.


    Would it be CM to design a curriculum that is appropriate for his developmental level? I am thinking of history through picture books with light geography, ect. He likes maps. I just don’t want to go through another year empty of living ideas and a plan for him to enjoy.


    He isn’t ready for phonics (not interested) but does like math and drawing.


    Memorial Press has a special needs series using real books.  It is classical.  You could tweak it to be CM or just use their book ideas.

    Sonya Shafer

    Yes, it would be CM to give him living ideas at his developmental level. Absolutely. There are some very nice picture books for both history and geography that are not twaddle. You can play good music in the background during lunch. You can look at good art together and put it on display all week. You can go outside and look at nature together; he can draw in a nature journal. You can read him a poem once a week or more. You can do short math lessons using everyday objects around the house. Spread a wide feast and watch him grow as a person.


    I absolutely love this book…

    It offers so many options for any area you want to explore.  It has a monthly option or you can simply pick and choose as you see fit.

    We have a dd11 with special needs so the pictures have been an amazing benefit to her following along.  But picture books aren’t just for little kids…think of all the illustrations that a budding artist would miss seeing if we skipped picture books based on age.  I enjoy them too!

    Take your time with your son and remember that you are on his timeline not the governments.  Enjoy him and watch his cues for where his interest is.  It’s okay to follow his lead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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