Placement and What to Cover Now?

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    Ok, my dd is 8. We used AO Year 1 (partly) and a similar CM curriculum from Higher Up and Further In Year 1 (partly). We began HIFI Year 2 in September and completed term 1, we have switched gears and she’s doing Rod and Staff Year 2 right now due to a difficult toddler. We are eager to get back to our CM studies, but I’m struggling with whether to return to HIFI Year 2 or jump ship and follow the SCM guide. HIFI has been a great resource for learning about CM, but the load is HEAVY! Many of the books are very difficult (Pilgrim’s Progress, Shakespeare, etc.), the additional reading is too difficult for her on her own. The SCM looks more manageable and I love the guides that are available and the idea of combining kids. I have a 5 yr old ds and a 1.5 yr old dd and we are hoping for one more blessing.

    I guess my question is what module of SCM should I choose? We’ve begun Middle Ages (briefly) thus far, though I’m not necessarily opposed to repeating some things. The SCM literature selections look more doable, too.

    I appreciate your responses.



    I’m just starting with SCM as well and I’ve just gone to the Curriculum guide and gathered info from all the “Ones” – Module 1 for History, Picture Study and Music Study, and Verse Pack 1. For Literature, we’ve read many of the books already, so I’m choosing from those we haven’t read, even if they are higher on the grade list.

    I went ahead and chose Module 1 for history because I figured I need to start somewhere and the beginning is a great place to start. 🙂 I had done AO Year 1 and part of Year 2, but only with my oldest daughter and she was quite bogged down in the English history – her narration of An Island Story is “England would have peace for a time but then someone came to wage war.”

    I’ve just started doing Spelling Wisdom and we LOVE IT!!!! We are adding things in slowly. I purchased the guide for Module 1 History: Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt, but am waiting another week or so to start it because I need to purchase a couple of books that go along with it.

    We are doing daily:

    • Math (Math Mammoth, which my girls and I love)
    • Copywork
    • Reading lessons for my younger two (100 EZ and beginning readers)
    • Scripture Memorization (using the system listed on the main site, I’ve also blogged about it at my blog – my username is the link – and that is going great!)
    • Literature read-aloud


    • Poetry, a poem a day – I’m using the AO Poetry Anthology, and I just read the poem and if the girls want to talk about it we do, if no one comments we move on to the next thing.

    And soon History will be added to that list.

    I just love this website. I finally feel like I have direction and a plan that is working and I love that my children are, for the most part, doing their learning together.

    Have you seen the Planning Series on the SCM blog? I’m going through it now trying to get my day organized better.


    Rene, thanks for the reply. I’ve been using CM style materials for over a year and love them. I’m just trying to figure out if the SCM suggestions are enough on their own. I love what I was using, but I love simple, too. I definitely want my 3 kids on the same cycle, but it may be easier to export SCM younger suggestions to a fuller plan for the oldest rather than adding to the oldest SCM plan. I’m wondering, “does anyone use only the SCM suggestions for Literature, Bible, History & Geography?”

    I also use Math Mammoth and love it! We use the Scripture Memory System, too, but dd also memorizes many long passages per year. I add a few non CM things, too – Growing with Grammar, LEM Phonics (spelling) and these add to my length of day.

    Still noodling over what is best. I’m putting all of my HIFI curriculum into the organizer and am eager to see what comes out and if it is doable.

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