Picture, Hymn, Composer, Poetry studies: weekly, by term, etc.

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    I understand having too many resources and not getting to them….hate that guilty feeling:(  I can’t speak from successful experience, this is just my plan for next year, due to my lack of consistency when I just say, “We’re going to study these few composers this year” and then winging it. I use the SCM planner book and on my weekly schedule at lunch time I picked different studies for ea. day…Picture Study on M, Composers on Thur., Poet/Poetry on Wed., etc. I put this in a binder with a sheet behind it that has a master schedule and I wrote out a chart like:

    Subject      Term1       Term 2           Term 3

    Poetry       Kipling     Longfellow   Rosetti

    Artist         Giotta      Velazquez  Rembrandt

    Below that I wrote notes like:

    Poetry: Read bio. first Wed. of term.  Read 1-2 poems per week.

    Artist:  Pick 6 pictures per artist. Display 2 weeks ea.  Read bio. in 2 sittings, 1/2 ea. time.

    I incorporated hymns into our family Bible time.  I don’t know if that helps any.  But I decided I had to tell myself what to do every step of the way, pretty much, in a handy place that I’ll look daily, or else these subjects tend to get dropped.  HTH some:)  Gina


    That helps alot!  I do have a master book that it all goes in but, honestly, it needs revamping.  Thanks for the suggestionLaughing.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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