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    How do you determine twaddly picture books?



    For me….

    – if it is based off of a movie or TV show/characters

    – the story line is one that you wouldn’t want to read out loud to your child more than once

    -illustrations or themes that don’t inspire things that are good, truthful, and beautiful (think Phil 4:8)




    If you don’t enjoy reading it. Some books I just live the sounds of or are fun to read (like Dr Seuss). If you don’t like reading it to them, why keep it?



    Thank you! There are just sooooo many picture books available!!!! It is very hard for me to decipher 🙁

    Sara B.

    Exactly what Jen and nebby said.  If I hate reading it, I will probably pull it (unless I’m just tired of it because that’s all. the. 3yo. wants. to. read. LOL).  I am slowly (without my oldest few noticing) purging the Disney readers (blech!) and a few others.  And as I glance through a picture book, if the pictures are not beautiful or not “nice” (Phil. 4:8), I get it out of there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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