Pencil gripper?


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  • Rachel White

    My son needs to relearn how to hold his pencil. He never succeeded in establishing the pincer grip and now, at 15, his handwriting still looks elementary and he has difficulty with cursive.

    Can someone recommend one to me? There was one recommended at one time that forced the fingers into position.


    I like these:

    Rachel White

    Thank you. As I was reading the reviews, several mentioned the thumb crossing over issue that these helped address. He has that problem. Actually, so does my dd, just not so prominently.

    Thankfully, I can order as few as 6 to try out.

    Thank you


    We used the original “the pencil grip”, but my kids did not like them much.  They are available as singles at Rainbow Resource if you want to add one onto your order without having to buy a whole pack to try.  My kids prefer to use the bigger triangular pencils now like Dixon Laddie Tri-write.  The pencil leads do not break as easy as regular pencils either.  They are bigger than a regular pencil and smaller than a primary first pencil.  The three sides help them have correct grip.  There are great reviews on Amazon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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