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    I plan to use Beautiful Feet’s Geography Guide for 10 lessons in 5 days using Paddle to the Sea or perhaps one of Holling’s other titles.

    Has anyone used this guide or done a “geography camp” outdoors for 4-5 days?

    What have you done for geography out-of-doors?

    What supplies are needed?

    Would geocaching with small children ages 2-9 be a good idea?

    I need lots of ideas.

    We plan to start this on May 24.

    Thank you.





    The Geography Book by Caroline Arnold is a great book for geography activities.  We’ve done many of the activities in there, and there is a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

    Awhile back, my DH made a scavenger hunt for our DC in the yard.  Before hand, he placed poker chip “clues” around the yard, each with a distance and bearing (or direction to go).   They first calculated how many steps they took in 15 yards.  Then he showed them how to use a lensatic compass.  He got them started on the first poker, then they found the remaining ones from there.  Each distance was divisible by 15, so they math wasn’t too hard to figure out.    It was so neat to see how accurate they were!  Each time everyone was within a few feet of the next clue.


    I have 3 DC ages 2-7 and we love geocaching. It is a great way to practice navigation skills. Have you been to the website? There are lots of great resources there.

    Only word of caution is be careful of snakes and poison ivy while geocaching. We nearly stepped on a rattlesnake last summer! Many of the caches are off the trails a bit so you might want to wear long pants and caution your kids about these dangers.

    Have fun!


    HollyS, our library has The Geography Book, so I will check it out.  Thank you for explaining the way you all did the scavenger hunt.  My children actually requested a scavenger hunt, so I’m sure we will do that.

    MountainMamma, thanks for the link.   I haven’t joined yet, but it looks great! We’ll definitely watch out for snakes!

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