Overwhelmed with writing issues!!!!!!

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    My head is close to an explosion when it comes to thinking about writing. There are so many choices out there.I AM NOT a good writer myself and I am not sure how to teach it. My 11 year dd is a very relucant writer. Now I don’t expect it to be her favorite thing but I would like to see some improvement. I have been reading about so many different ways to teach writing and all of the language arts, that I just don’t have confidence anymore in what is a the right way or even a good way. Is Charlotte’s way a good one? Has anyone had success with just written narrations? I need to get some consistency here.

    I ask here because I “know” CM ways. I love her stuff but I left it out of fear and that my children hated Ambleside. It was just too much for them. I don’t want to keep searching anymore.

    Forgive my seemly desperate post and tone.



    It may be that your daughter is not quite ready. Perhaps you could take a look at the curriculum guide on this site and notice that oral narration is really recommended as predominate up until 7th grade (I’m assuming your daughter is in about 6th grade?). You may choose to select one or two of her narrations periodically to write or type for her as she narrates. Then, the two of you can perfect it over the next few days. Speaking of typing, if she is learning to type, that sometimes will encourage a reluctant writer.

    Then, also from the homepage, you might like to peruse the narration ideas that could give you lots of ways to encourage your daughter’s narrations as she develops the skill of ‘telling.’ Some grammar could be helpful, as well as some open invitations to her to write notes to family members, friends, missionaries, etc.



    CM mom

    I think there are a lot of useful tools which can come alongside narration. Have you thought about introducing some creative writing? I used Karen Andreola’s Story Starters with my (then) 13 yo son last year, and he wrote up a storm. They’re such fun. I can’t wait to use them with my youngest child in a few years.

    The “hamburger” method of paragraph writing can actually be freeing for some children, who work better within the confines of rules. Your daughter might need a bit of a framework. I have one child who is a reluctant writer and always wrote better within a format.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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