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    I saw that Homeschool in the Woods has just come out with a new Olde World Style Map set.  We are not yet to the point of using maps.  So those of you that have . . . do you have thoughts on using this vs. Uncle Josh’s Outline Map Collection? 


    I’m unfamiliar with either of these map sources, but I’m assuming you’re looking for “blank” maps to fill in. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing instead of using blank maps.

    I couldn’t find a good source online for map outlines, and then I read an article somewhere (sorry I don’t remember the source) about teaching geography by students making their own maps. We’ve been doing that with our studies this summer, and it’s been a big success and lots of fun for all of us (I’m making a map, too). We’re really getting to know a place intimately by this method and I recommend it.

    The first thing we did was make an outline of the geograpic region we’re studying and label the big things we know (such as ocean, country name). As we study and learn more, we add it to the map. We’ve decorated the margins with flags, animals of the region, interesting tidbits, and so on. The process fits in so well with CM’s idea of showing what we know. And, the kids are motivated to learn more about places so they can add what they learn to the map.

    We also use real maps in our home, but the homemade ones are really fun and a great way to learn.

    We used the Blackline Maps from Knowledge Quest for US and World History and then for our timeline we used the figures from Homeschool in the Woods along with their beautiful timeline book.  I looked at their new maps and they look very similar to Knowledge Quest, so I think you would do fine with either.    Had they been available when I needed maps, I would have bought all of the products from them.  I love the products from Homeschool in the Woods, they are always excellent quality and worth the money.  Blessings Linda

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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