Outdoor Secrets revised schedule for Midwest seasons

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  • Kelly Bond

    Hi Friends,

    I am so excited to use Outdoor Secrets this coming school year with the Companion! Thanks to all who put it together. There were some topics, though, that were a bit out of sync with our seasons up here in Wisconsin and I really wanted to study them in season (apples, robins, planting seeds in winter, etc). So, I decided to tweak it a little bit so we could study certain topics closer to their season. I couldn’t get every topic to line up just so, but I’m happy with the plan nonetheless. I wanted to share this in case any of you were thinking the same thing!


    August 28: Lesson 1 (Apples)

    September 4: Lesson 2 (Apples)

    September 11: Lesson 3 (Apples)

    September 20: Lesson 4 (Apples)

    September 27: Lesson 5 (Apples)


    October 2: Lesson 15 (trees)

    October 9: Lesson 16 (trees)

    October 16: Lesson 17 (trees)

    October 23: Lesson 18 (trees)

    October 30: Lesson 19 (trees)


    November 6: Lesson 20 (trees)

    November 13: Lesson 43 (wasps)

    November 20: Lesson 44 (wasps)

    November 27: Lesson 12 (Golden-rod)


    December 4: Lesson 13 (Golden-rod)

    December 11: Lesson 14 (Golden-rod)

    December 18: 

    December 25: 


    January 1: Lesson 6 (Century plant)

    January 8: Lesson 7 (Century plant)

    January 15: Lesson 8 (Century plant)

    January 22: Lesson 29 (Flicker)

    January 29: Lesson 30 (Flicker)


    February 5: Lesson 34 (Seeds)

    February 12: Lesson 35 (Seeds)

    February 19: Lesson 36 (Seeds)

    February 26: Lesson 37 (Pussy Willows)


    March 4: Lesson 38 (Seeds)

    March 11: Lesson 39 (Seeds)

    March 18: Lesson 40 (Plant covering)

    March 25: Lesson 41 (Plant covering)


    April 1: Lesson 42 (Plant covering)

    April 8: Lesson 21 (Robins)

    April 15: Lesson 22 (Robins)

    April 22: Lesson 23 (Robins)

    April 29: Lesson 24 (Robins)


    May 6: Lesson 31 (Bumblebees)

    May 13: Lesson 32 (Bumblebees)

    May 20: Lesson 33 (Bumblebees)

    May 27: Lesson 25 (Pollination)


    June 3: Lesson 26 (Pollination)

    June 10: Lesson 27 (Pollination)

    June 17: Lesson 28 (Pollination)

    June 24: Lesson 9 (Earthworms)


    July 1: Lesson 10 (Earthworms)

    July 8: Lesson 11 (Earthworms)

    July 15: Lesson 45 (Chipmunks)

    July 23: Lesson 46 (Chipmunks)

    July 30: Lesson 47 (Chipmunks)


    August 5: Lesson 48 (Apple tree)

    August 12: Lesson 49 (Apple tree)

    August 19: Lesson 50 (Apple tree) 




    Wow, that is so great, thank you for sharing! I had gone through the guide making notes in the index as to when to try and schedule certain chapters but nothing as succinct as what you have put together.

    This will be really helpful :o)


    Thanks for posting this.  We are planning to do Outdoor Secrets next year too, and I was hoping to be able to align it with the season a bit better also. =)  I am thinking that we will probably add in some winter-themed picture books (about snow, animals in hibernation, etc) during the winter months since most of the chapters in Outdoor Secrets seem to apply better to fall, spring, and summer. =)  After next year we will be back in the tropics, so I want to do seasonal studies while we can. Smile



    Looks good!  What part of WI are you in?  We’re from Cadott, which is west central, near Eau Claire & Chippewa Falls.  


    Thank you.  This will also help us.


    I don’t have the book yet but am ordering it. We are different that Wisconsin. How about on the oregon coast? How did you figure these dates? I’m wondering how to do it for our area?

    We don’t get snow hardly and get lowest around 32 but more like 40 to 50 in the winter. Summers are 55 to 65 and maybe a maybe a week of 80 to 90 at most. Planting season cool veget. Mar. and warm veget. is end of April or May IF the weather gets warm. This year it was first of June.

    Kelly Bond

    Thanks everyone! I live in the Madison area where we have four fairly well-defined seasons. Cyndi60, when you order the Companion, you’ll see they have all the lessons planned out for you according to a schedule. What I did, and what you can do is to just look at all the topics and see where they would best fit into your year, ie. plan to study apples when you’re in apple season, or to study seeds when you can plant them indoors prior to planting outdoors. For us, that’s February/March. Keep in mind that I couldn’t get every topic to match up this way, but I picked a few of the most important ones and moved them around.


    Wow!  This is perfect.  I live in Ohio.  I am thinking that this will work for us too!  🙂


    Thank you so much!  I have just ordered the books and will be using them this fall.  We live in Montello, an hour north of Madison.  I don’t think I’ll be starting school until mid to late September though as we have canning season just around the corner! 

    Doug Smith

    By the way, I linked to this discussion on the Outdoor Secrets links and tips page so it will be easy for everyone to find later.


    Thanks Doug! Grateful for the link!


    thanks for sharing!

    I’ve made a word document of your schedule and added a blank line in front of each entry… my plan is to adapt your schedule to our studies here in the Pacific Northwest, and write it down as we go.

    thanks again!

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