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    we’re going to be the lessons on ROBINS soon. (L22-24)

    As such, I’m wanting to hone my ability of drawing them (to act as a model-in-action for drawing them.)

    I’ve found a few decent resources for *me* to use (not so much for my young daughter to use; she’s only 5.5yo. She’ll never see these.) Drawing the beak seems to be my biggest hang up right now, that, and I’m wanting to improve texture on wings/feathers.

    Thought I’d share my findings for other mothers that may wish to enhance their abilities. (my own art skills are rather limited.)

  – A succinct overview

    this one shows a BIRD – In General-  but I really liked it as it is pencil drawing and has nice example of shading and feathers.

    This one helped me a lot in keeping proper proportions. I also like that there are different stances, something I will continue to work on.

    And this one was pretty nice for step-by-step sketching, which may even be nice for the budding artists in your home who would like to improve.

    This youtube video is amazing to watch. I like the use of various pens, markers, pencils… lovely! (I especially liked the development of the FEATHER  textures!)

    Anyway, I know this isn’t anything one can’t find on Google (that’s where I dug these up afterall!) But, I hope having some tried-and-true pages will be of help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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