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    Can out door secrest be used for a 9yr old and 6 yr and 12 yrs old?

    Karen Smith

    Are you referring to the Outdoor Secrets book, The Outdoor Secrets Companion, or both? We recommend them for the younger grades, so up through about 2nd grade. Have you looked at the samples? The samples should help you decide if your children would benefit from the books.


    The book is really wonderful, though, and full of great sweet nature stories.  I sold my copy when we had finished it but I regret that now and plan to buy it again.  I would think your children may still really enjoy the stories even if they are on the older side for it.  Your 12yo may not be as interested but I think my 13yo daughter would still listen or read them as something sweet and enjoyable.  I wouldn’t recommend the Companion book for these ages. 

    jill smith

    Any suggestion for science for all of them. Ages 12,9,6


    The 12 year old could read Outdoor Secrets aloud to the others.  You could all narrate and discuss it.  Just a thought. As far as something for all to do together, maybe an Apologia book and the youngers could do a lapbook or journal to go with it, but actually when my olders were twelve, they were beginning to seperate out for science in some ways as they need to move towards more difficult science work. Apologia’s Hunam Anatomy and Physiology comes to mind. The older could do the regular journal to go with it and lead the experiments.  The 9 year old could do the junior journal and the 6year old could do a lapbook maybe.  Not pure CM, but a way for them to be on the same topic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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