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    Have any of you gals using t-tapp tried her CRT skin tightening system to get rid of cellulite?  Is it real??  Not that I have any, of course…just wondering Wink!


    I’ve been using it less than a week, but asked around a ton on the mommy forum over at T-Tapp first. *(I’ve been doing T-Tapp itself daily for just over a month) and seeing great results) The consensus was that it really does help tighten skin. I was specifically asking women who’ve had babies (plural) and several have had more than my seven.

    The brushing has a few focuses:

    – moving the lymph in the lymphatic system to help the body with detoxing

    – moving out the cellulite

    – exfoliating

    – tightening/exercising the skin

    Now, with that said, here is my plan: I’m taking the fibertox and the alfalfa for the first month while doing the brushing. Then I’ll drop the fibertox and just keep brushing and taking the alfalfa. Alfalfa is clinically proven to reverse aging of facial skin (and since all skin is part of the same organ it follows that it benefits all your skin). Note: T-Tapp’s alfalfa contains only the leaves, no seeds or stems, so it won’t cause weight gain and it’s safe for those with autoimmune conditions.

    You can see a short video by someone else (Brandi Owens as a guest of Green Smoothie Girl) on brushing here:

    This one is a bit different than T-Tapp’s sequence, but gives you a good idea of the benefits. Brandi also shared a diagram of how to brush here in this Google Doc:

    And here are the instructions posted on the free T-Tapp forum for brushing the neck/face:

    T-Tapp Face Brushing Sequence

    Begin with brushing up on the neck and then on the face, you brush up and out:

    •Jaw line – brush out in circular motions towards ear.

    •Cheekbones – brush out in circular motions towards ear.

    •Forehead – start in middle of forehead and brush out on each side towards temple.

    •Nose – small circular movements over the nose.

    •Under eyes – tiny, light circular motions from outer eye in towards the nose (not out towards ear)

    I hope that helps you some!


    Thank you!!  So did you get the kit sold on th t-tapp site?  And is that what you would suggest?


    That is what I got. If you want the supplements and dvd and such then definietely get it. The DVD also has 4 extra exercises/moves that are popular but not on the Total Workout dvd.

    There is a code online for 20% off your order. It’s good until December. KIRSTEN20 is the code. It worked for me when I ordered.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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