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    I remember someone posting a while back about their daughter that had accidents frequently (after potty training was well over) and there were several responses from others who experienced several things.  

    My dd is 4 1/2 and has been day time potty trained since age 2 1/2.  She does really well and rarely has an accident.  In fact, when out and about we used to have the problem with her having such good bladder control, she would hold her pee several hours because she only wanted to pee at home.  2 months ago, she gained bladder control at night and no longer needs pull ups.

    One year ago she had a UTI, at which time she went to pee frequently and a large amount, she had an odor to her urine, and she would have an accident in the bathroom right before she made it to the toilet to pee.  After that was cleared, she did fine and hasn’t had a day time accident since.  The past 2 1/2 weeks she started having day time accidents again right before she gets on the toilet, sometimes soiling her clothes, and sometimes just peeing on the floor while trying to make it in time.  We had her urine checked at the MD office a few days ago and she didn’t have a UTI.  The MD said it may because children her age get caught up playing and forget to go in time.  But, every accident my dd has she is right at the toilet and she says she tries to wait to get on the toilet.  This had been happening just once or twice a day, and when it happened today I deliberately made her try to go pee more frequently.  But she had accidents 3 times today, even going at more frequent intervals!  

    Is there anything I can do, or anything that might be wrong?  I think if it was due to laziness on her part she would have accidents at night (she does always make it in time in the morning after waking), and she would have accidents while playing, instead of leaving play to go to the bathroom.  If the issue isn’t better by the end of the week with me reminding her to go more frequently, I am wanting to call the MD office, but the MD wouldn’t be able to do anything but prescribe a bladder control med I think….and I would only want that as a last resort if it was absolutely necessary.  

    Just being anxious, and hoping some of you have a success story to encourage me that this too shall pass…….


    Well, just this weekend, I took my daughter to urgent care because she had lost control of her bladder a few times last week. She is 11, so that is a big deal. For several weeks she has been going A LOT more and we had her urine checked for sugar, concentration (for diabetes insipidus where you pee out all your water) and UTI I guess too. She was fine, but it just kept getting worse. So when we took her, the Dr. said it could be constipation. She has always had issues with this, so he took and x-ray, and she was FULL FULL FULL of poo. So he put her on Miralax, and she started slowing down the urinating and has started emptying her bowels. It’s worth considering checking it. Even if you don’t think she’s constipated, she still could be. I’ve always noticed them having to go more when they’re needing to poo, but I had no idea it could get that bad. She wasn’t even holding in the bowel movement, it just hasn’t been sufficient.

    good luck


    Oh, I forgot to mention that her accidents were in front of the toilet too.


    Thank you for sharing this, as constipation is a possibility.  Constipation isn’t normal for her but she had a terrible virus a month ago in which she had terrible gas pains, and after that hasn’t gotten back on her regular bowel schedule.  Plus, she is just now getting back on her healthy diet of much fruit, veggies, and grains after having been spoiled to a regular American diet by grandparents the past month.  I hope this is the problem, in hopes that it is I am starting now feeding her dates, more fluids, and natural foods.  If that doesn’t help in a day or two I’ll get her get her some Miralax (if it’s OTC) or call her MD and ask if he can prescribe it without having to see her again.  


    Miralax is OTC and I believe they just came out with a generic. My 4yo ds also has problems if he gets constipated. Hopefully the Miralax will do the trick. Also a cal/mag supplement is helpful for some children.

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