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    I am wondering.. I want to use the organizer for the first time for next school year, but wanted to know from those who have used it.

    How much time will I need to set up my 4ds for the school year?

    And when you 1st set up your information what did you need to have with you and what “should” you have had?



    Rachel White

    It’s wonderful, marvelous, life-simplifier! Oh did I mention I really like it?

    Anyway, seriously you want to give yourself some unintterupted time to complete. Time wise it depends on how many subjects you’re putting in, and how many of your resources you have to input and how many are already in the organizer system. Putting a resource in the system was what took up my time.

    I wish I had laid out the actual week w/the books and such on paper before I started. So create you week on paper, first. That lessons the amt. of decision making at input time.

    You might want to put all your books, curricula and texts w/you at the computer so you can see the divisions you want to make for scheduling.That also helps if you must put your resource into the system. The publisher, copyright, etc. information ill be right there.

    Your brain will probably get a little fried doing this, so I would recommend breaking the inputting across a few days.

    After you’re finishedand you have a day laidout before you for each child, your going to be happy you took the time to input.

    Also, my two (6 and 7 )now look at their sheet for the day and go get their supplies.

    I would also suggest you train your children to do their own marking of “worked on” (W) and “finished” (F). That is another independant step for them to make to lesson the load off of you. Let’s face it, we’re supposed to be teaching our way out of a job by them becoming self-directed learners and loving it!

    Hope this helps,



    OK. I think you should get your basic weekly plan settled before you begin entering in information. So you’ll want to know, for example, what you want to get done on Monday. I just divided up index cards for all the topics I wanted to do and arranged them until it looked like I had something workable. There are good sample schedule formats here on the site you can use for inspiration.

    THEN I would figure out what books I want to “slot” in each space for that day. For example, two of my children have TWO different literature books going at once. I pick the “Tuesday literature” book, and then the Thursday one. I also pick books to be read when they finish those two, and stack them underneath with the most current thing on top. Then I just line up the book stacks for each day and settle down to enter in info.

    Many of our selections were already in the Bookfinder here. It is amazingly fast to schedule in those. I had a few that took a little more time as I had to enter them in, but it still wasn’t bad. Many of those books SCM ended up including in the Bookfinder, so others that choose the same ones won’t have to enter them in–that is TERRIFIC!

    It took me a lot more time to get my basic plan and weekly schedule layout done, than to enter in the information. I recommend that you put time into making sure you are organized before you begin, and then you can get it all in in a couple afternoons.

    Good luck! I think you are going to LOVE the Organizer!

    Just have your year’s plan, your weekly schedule, and copies of your books nearby and you won’t need anything else.

    Michelle D


    Thanks ladies I will do that and have started my weekly schedule already. I am hoping a lot of my stuff will be there already but I will be ready if not.

    Thanks again


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