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  • Kayla

    As I read through each of the habits we will be studying next year I find myself wanting to make little notes to myself in the organizer on specific lessons.

    For instance adding little notes for extra Scripture or something. I know I can make a note when I check off the resource after we work on or complete it, but is there a way to add a reminder for myself “to read over truthfulness again before we start next week”

    Would the best way to do this be to make a student for myself and schedule that to be used with specific lessons?

    Jordan Smith

    Right now, to use a resource with another resource, both need to be scheduled for the same student. It’s possible to put the notes on the assignment titles, but those have a limited length for technical reasons, so you’d have to keep the notes brief.

    We do have an item on our wish list to allow adding notes to assignments ahead of time. We don’t have a release date for that feature, but we know it would be very useful and it’s high on the list to add.


    Thanks Jordan. I thought that’s was about it. I’ll just have to make notes in my books for now. Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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