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    I’d like to try the CM Oraganizer and I have a question…Does the planner have an option for scheduling time of day and/or time limit for each resource or activity like a day planner would? For example: 8:00 Bible Reading, etc. Also, is there an option fornoting where to locate each book? Ex: shelf, online text, audio book.




    Hi, another Michelle! There were 8 of us in my rural school class in Kansas. 50 girls, 8 Michelles. LOL

    The Organizer itself doesn’t keep track of time, or the order of events during the day. When you go in to pull up your day’s assignments, they are in order of subject. You can narrow down to show just a particular child, or everyone, but that is how they show up. I don’t know if anything else is in the works, but for now that is how it is, and since many CM homeschoolers may not follow a strict “8:00–do X” schedule, it makes it more flexible. What we do is put up a general schedule on the wall over our table. The order of subjects and a flexible time frame is there. So I know, for example, that we do Latin right after Bible, and we spend about 30 minutes. But we don’t always get there at the same time. The schedule we have on the wall just says “Latin” with a little “30” by it. I look at the daily assignments to know exactly what to do for Latin. Does that make sense? This keeps it very flexible. SCM has great basic schedule sheets that would work for this, available here: and

    The bookfinder and Organizer section is temporarily down, so I have to try the other one by memory. LOL Books that are already in the system, I don’t know about whether you can note this when you schedule it or not. I often set up my own resource for something–for example, my artist and composer studies. I get these from a hodgepodge of sources. Sometimes I have a book or a CD, but sometimes I need a library resource or I use a website or computer file. I simply note this when I create the resource.

    The books are less of a problem for me, anyway. I pull the coming year’s needed materials and keep them in one place, then we return them to the “stacks” when finished. So when I need a particular book, they are all in one place. It saves me a lot of time searching for books! I have a nice organized “system” but alas, the children do not always put the books back where they ought to go. LOL

    Michelle D

    Doug Smith

    FYI, The Organizer is back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience. It was just one of those little quick fix things.

    By the way, we are usually aware when there is a problem, but don’t hesitate to contact us any time if you want to make sure.

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