Organizer Q.? Can I 'see' what is scheduled before getting there?

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  • HeidiS

    I would love to be able to see what I have been posting as I make my schedule. I know the list is there and the days are highlited but I was hoping to be able to say, type in my dd name and a date and have that week show up for me in more of a grid or horizontal fashion. I find it frustrating not to be able to look down the road and see a week say, in October, or even another semester…maybe I am just not getting how its done, but I am thinking I prefer plain old paper, at least I can see down the road in my planner a bit with that..any hints for me?


    Doug Smith

    The CM Organizer is a “what’s next” planner rather than a date based planner. You have to think about it a little differently if you are used to a strictly date-based approach, but it’s very freeing once you get used to the idea.

    When everything is tied to a date and you miss an assignment or read an extra chapter it throws off your whole schedule. On paper that means lots of erasing and rewriting.

    That’s not a problem with the CM Organizer because it simply tells you what to do next. In fact, it doesn’t know how quickly you will use a particluar resource to be able to predict where you will be on a certain date. For example, let’s say you schedule a history book for Tuesday and Thursday. You could read and check off a whole chapter, multiple chapters, or only read part of a short chapter and mark it as “worked on” to continue later. How would we know what chapter you will be on for a particular date?

    That said, we do want to add a report that shows a week at a glance in broad terms to give you some idea of how dense your schedule is.

    We find that most families really just need an overview of which subjects are happening on which day of the week so you don’t over or under schedule. You might want to take a look at our Week at a Glance video for some good ideas of how to accomplish that.


    Thanks Doug

    I am SO not a date based planner:) I actually plan using Day 1, Day 2 etc not even a Monday to Friday plan. I just wanted to see what it all looks like once I have it entered, exactly as you say, a week at a glance in broad terms so I can get a feel for the ‘load’ I am placing on our week. Days are so fluid and every one is different and yet I need to move through the programs. If I know a stall time is coming I want to be able to look ahead, tweak it a bit and take some pressure off. Right now I can’t even see what our first week will look like so I am back to paper, and yes, I did watch the week at a glance video and will try the suggestions as well – just a bit frustrating on the learnign curve especially before the year starts:)



    Heidi, if you go to the Scheduler tab, all your scheduled work will show up, and if you look at the little boxes for day of the week, you can just skim down looking for “M’s” that are green, and you can see what you have on each day.  This works very well for me. 


    Yes, I have been doing that bookworm, I just am so visual, l need to see it all in ‘table form’. I am the kind of person who forgets I own a book if its not on the shelf in front of me….I have lists everywhere! Thanks though, I will try to make it work..


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