Oral/written narration question for high school

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    Something we’ve alway struggled with because our oversite group requires more written work than I think is expected in cm:

    When you have the child read a history book, for example, on Monday and give an oral narration, then assign the same book on Tuesday and have them give a written narration…do they sort of ‘catch up’ with what was written both days or just write out their narration for that day’s reading only?



    Sonya Shafer

    I usually have them narrate only that day’s reading, so their narration is a sort of chapter by chapter serial, as it were. Sometimes what happens in one chapter will relate to a previous one or refer back to a previous one, so that kind of “review” is already there.

    Oh, wait. I just reread your question. Sorry, I was describing how I approach written narrations each day. In the instance you described, you might want the written narrations to include all of the book, so one narration might cover two chapters. (Time for me to go work on habit of attention, I guess!)


    Thanks, Sonya. I was thinking that we do so much writing that it makes it hard to keep up with the reading. I want to mix it up a little bit (I’m speaking specifically about History) and do some oral and some written (while still making the grade, so to speak, with our requirements). I think that we can get there just by doing the written narrations in various parts of the whole subject. So, the student will give a written summary for current events one day, will write the history narration two or three days, and will make a map…or something like this. All the would pertain to our American History w/Gov’t emphasis class.

    You answered my question, though, because as I read about students doing oral one day and written the next, that just totally messes with my sense of order thinking that chapters would be skipped in the writing.



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