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    I am looking for recommendations for good earth science curriculum resources (for any age group) that approach from an old earth perspective that are christian-based or creation-based.  However, I actually don’t mind if the resource is secular or christian if it explains the different theories that are out there, without adhering to young earth specifically and claiming the others are wrong (I have resources for those already).

    I am not looking to debate young/old earth, I realize many homeschoolers think strongly one way or the other.  We are pretty open-minded and like to discuss different perspectives.  Just looking for resource recommendations.



    Novare is old earth, Christian perspective.  Their materials are for jr high and high school ages.


    I just watched a review of Berean Builders that stated it was old earth theory & Christian. I haven’t seen or used their materials myself, though.

    Karen Smith

    Berean Builders is not old earth theory. Dr. Wile writes and teaches science courses for Berean Builders, and while he is open-minded concerning the age of the earth, he is definitely a young earth creationist, because he sees the scientific evidence as supporting a young earth better than it does an old earth. You can read about Dr. Wile’s position on the age of the earth and how he handles that in the textbooks he’s written in his blog post How I Address the Age of the Earth in My Courses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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