Notgrass World History

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  • mama26

    Hello, I am new to this forum and am very interested in CM style learning for my high school student. I would like any suggestions about combining the module guides with Notgrass World History.

    Has anyone done this. Would it be easy to do?

    Sonja, if you have an opinion on this, I would like your imput as well.

    thank you all

    Sonya Shafer

    I’ve used Notgrass’s Exploring Government but haven’t looked through his World History course, so I’m afraid I can’t give you an informed answer. Sorry.Frown


    i’m using Notgrass World history, but i’m using it more of the way they use it in MFW.  I used only half of the book this year with extra readings and plan to finish it next year with extra readings also.  It is very easy to add to or substitute.  If you have any other questions, i’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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