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    Help! I am really struggling. I am supposed to get in 600 core hours, 400 non-core in my state. I have been tracking and in a 3 term school year, one term I only got 130 hours core and 100 hours non core. Times that by three and i am waaaay behind. I don’t know what to do. Am I not tracking enough or not doing enough?!?

    Quick rundown of my situation. I have 5 I am caring 4, the oldest is 10 and has special needs requiring care for all aspects of life. She is non-verbal, in a wheel chair and I do all her care. Then I homeschool my 8 and now 6 year old and then was hoping to with my 4 and 2 year old when they get old enough. I am exhausted. My marriage is in bad shape and I cant even get 2 hours of time to myself a week. I am always doing this. And now to find out it isn’t adding up? I am super discouraged and just don’t know what to do. How can I manage more??


    I am so sorry you’re having a rough time and feeling so discouraged.  I don’t have advice for you, but want to send hugs and let you know I’m going to pray for you right now.  I hope someone else will come along with advice and encouragement for you.


    Hi, try not to panic. My guess is that you probably aren’t recording enough.

    It takes awhile to learn how to see and record all of the education that is happening throughout the day.

    For example, some count church as religious education time. At Sunday School or church the children are listening to a sermon, singing, reading a bulletin? Reciting prayers? Memorizing verses, etc.

    Watching YouTube can be science, math, art, history, etc.

    If you still find that you aren’t getting enough academic hours, work smarter, not harder:).  Add audio books in the car or at meals, bedtime story with Dad, math videos, educational toys, activity books, art supplies they can use on their own, find a words, dot to dots, sticker books, card games, mazes, coloring books, book with CD or online file or video that reads to them and headphones.

    Please contact your state homeschool association or a local homeschool parent for help in how to record for your state. They will have tips and tricks.

    Others reading, please add your ideas.

    A few more…play music during a meal or clean up times, set out interesting picture books, dry erase books.

    Cooking is math, science, art.

    Respite care is important, so work on that.

    Hats off to you for homeschooling, and hang in there. You’re a loving wife and Momma who needs some encouragement and rest!



    I remember reading a post here about counting credits. The post said if you took away time spent taking attendance, gathering homework, time to stop and review or answer someone’s question, assigning homework, passing out papers and giving kids time for getting unpacked/packing back up, a school hour typically only includes about 15-20 minutes of instruction/new material. So you could count 20 minutes of history reading as an hour of history.


    momdelights.    com.  has a freebie PDF form where you can track your activities by subject.  She has lots of great tips on homeschooling and large family living.

    Jami Desemone

    Thank you all for the help. I think I am tracking too strictly, and honestly I think I am going to just let it go for a bit and focus on content. We manage plenty of learning opportunities throughout our day, our lifestyle really. I keep track of what lessons we are working on and what readings and all that so I can come up with hours if I needed to do that for some reason. I think I am stressing too much over hours and need to just let it go a little. Again, I do keep track of our lessons, and I can easily fill in if I needed to.

    Anyways, I truly appreciate your support! I was seriously panicking! 😂😌


    Hi Jami – I believe we live in the same state. As I have been doing this for a while, I have discovered that if I have set a specific time for a subject and leave it on my schedule, I can use that to track my hours. Some days are shorter and some are longer but as I cover the material, it balances out to enough time. The trick is to be consistent. And use the ideas above to expand your time wisely. 😉

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