No Writing in Middle School?

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    So my son is starting 6th grade, and he is dysgraphic.  Writing is an absolute struggle for him in every way.  He is so smart and remembers everything…bit the mental and physical act of writing is nearly impossible for him.

    Can i just continue using reading/read alouds/documentaries and oral narrations for him?  Does he NEED to write?  Or could we just stop pushing so hard and work on our content areas and the skills of working onnarrations without trying to force the writing it down part?


    Tamara Bell

    My son struggled (and still does) with the mental and physical effort of writing.  There are ways I’ve worked around it.  At 14, he is improving (enter sigh of relief).  One of the things I did was start writing his narrations as he orally narrated.  When I knew he was winding down, I’d stop and hand the writing over to him to finish.  Another key thing for us was allowing him to type narrations instead of physically writing them.  While his grammer didn’t improve in his writing (a struggle due to a speech delayment) he was able to get more thoughts out onto paper.


    Can he type? That may make a big difference. It definitely helped a few of my boys.

    Instead of giving up on writing completely, what if you just cut it down to a little bit every day? Tamara’s idea of writing down his oral narrations and having him finish them is brilliant. Or he can write the first sentence and you can write the rest. Maybe start with one sentence and work your way up until he can write a whole paragraph. Maybe write down a narration twice a week, and spend the other two days doing copywork or dictation. I think short writing exercises almost every day is the way to go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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