Next Years Curriculum & looking for dvd's & audio resources to compliment

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    I am looking for audio and dvd resources to add to what we are doing next year!   Just to give you an idea of where we are headed on our homeschool journey, this is what we have planned for next year so far……. (btw this is mainly for a 3rd grader  2  1st graders and several other “littles” who will be hanging out with us from time to time).

    Science – 101 Days of Creation (along with all the wonderful living books they have listed, I am considering purchasing the Moody videos recommended as optional).  We will also be doing Considering God’s Creation

    History/Geography/Bible – SCM – Joshua – Malachi along with all the recommended books & Visits to the Middle East

    Picture Study – Millet & da Vinci

    Music Appreciation – Beethoven & Singing the Great Hyms

    Nature Study – I think we are going to do The Curious Nature Guide by Clare Walker Leslie

    We will be covering much more, but these are the specific area I am looking for audio and/or video recommendations.  I would love to add some dvd’s or audios covering an artist or composer we are studying.  A History or Science dvd?  A dvd on Ancient Greece.   Also, it would be nice to get a Bible video that covers the Holy Land.  I have considered Uncle Rick audio at The Learning Parent & I am also considering the Moody Science videos recommended.  Any feedback on those, if you have them.   So, any recommendations would be appreciated.  It’s fun to see plans come together as I think about the wonderful things we will be learning next year.  Seeing the amazing living books is what makes me most excited as it brings so much to life.  I am glad to be planning, but I’ll be glad when it’s done 🙂


    We have the Drive Through History dvds. I wanted to own them all because I felt like so much history is in danger of being destroyed (or has been) in the Middle East and I wanted the kids to have a “virtual tour”. They have one on just the Holy Land. Maybe better for older kids, though. The Missouri department of conservation sells a dvd set of kids in nature that is well done. There are episodes on caves, invertebrates, etc. and is aimed at elementary ages and is available on their website. I think it could be useful even in other parts of the country. We also like Travel the World with Kids and Little Travelers dvds, though they are not in-depth. It’s been a nice intro to geography and travel, though.


    The Drive Thru History episodes are all available to view free on the TBN website or the Roku iTBN free channel.  If you want to buy the dvds, has them on sale a few times each year.  But they are better for 3rd grade and up.  I think your kids would like Nature DVD Backyard Birds.  Check for prices on the Moody science videos too.

    Beethoven Lives Upstairs audio by Classical Kids.  Your library may have video too.


    We love Uncle Rick!  You might consider adding Character Trails or some kind of character training.  I have finally figured out that character training is more important than academics, especially in the younger years.  We have loved learning from the Millers stories too, by Mildred A Martin.  We have read one book each year, once a week.


    The Classical Kids CDs are good, but we’ve also enjoyed this series, which is a bit less expensive.  It has clips of their music played alongside a biography of their life.  I think each CD also has a couple full length selections as well.  I think these are great for the younger ages, but my older DC have enjoyed them as well.  Amazon carries these as well, but I linked RR’s page because they are all in once place on their site.

    We also enjoyed Drive Through History, but I agree that it might be too much for your age group.  I think 4th and up would be best for those, but it probably depends on your DC.  We watched these as a family, but I think my older two got the most from them (at ages 12 and 10).

    We enjoyed the Moody videos.  When I ordered our DVDs, Library and Ed had the best price.  These remind me of the science videos we watched in school (on the old projectors), so they are a bit dated, but my DC enjoyed them and I liked that they were from a Christian perspective.   Youtube has tons of great science videos as well, but you need to screen them ahead of time.

    • Thank you so much for all the great feedback!  I will look into your suggestions.    It’s so good to hear good feedback on the Moody Science videos!    I don’t mind if they are outdated if there is good info in them!  I am just starting Laying Down the Rails with the kids but we may add some Uncle Rick stuff along with some Character Trails.  They really do look like good resources!  Wings2fly, do you have any of the history audio with Uncle Rick?  I think I have an audio of the Miller stories!  I need to check!  I think we are talking about the same things!  My kids love them.  They are great!     HollyS, I will have to check out Classical Kids. And, I will have to keep Drive Through History in mind!  I’m not familiar with it!  Melissa, I’ll have to check out the Travel the World with Kids and Little Travelers!    Thanks so much!
    Rachel White

    Drive thru History would be too advanced. I would suggest:

    the audiobooks of Rush Revere (audible or buy);

    American History Stories courtesy of Yesterday’s Class ics, on audio ( for free on librivox, I think or from Jim Hodges)

    Liberty’s Kids series. Mine really liked this series. Available at Christianbook (on sale?) And Amazon.

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