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    Ok. When I first signed up I added our start day for school as July 21st. I added my SCM History Module of Genisis. I want to go back and add in the books we will be reading and just see what that overall day looks like. But, when I look at the daily planner it only lets me look at today and the next day. This does not help because my schedule does not start to the 21st. Am I missing something?

    Jordan Smith

    What you’re seeing in the Daily Plan is today’s schedule, but since nothing is scheduled for today, you won’t see anything right now. We don’t currently have a way to see the schedule in advance, but we have some ideas on our wish list to consider building in the future.

    What you can do right now is look at your Scheduler to see what’s scheduled to start on the 21st. You could also move the start dates to today so that your Daily Plan will show you the starting schedule. The Organizer won’t get after you for being off schedule if you have the resources scheduled “early.” The only time the date is recorded is when you actually start marking assignments off, so you can put in your start date as today so you can view your schedule, then start marking off assignments on the 21st when your school year begins.


    Thanks Jordan Smith!! That helps a lot! I knew it was probab;ly a simple fix but just could not figure out what to do! Thank you so much! 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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