New to CM. Where do I begin?


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    Hello! I am new the CM. This year we used the ambleside online booklist to apply to my 2nd graders homeschooling curriculum. She is enjoying it but on the side I want to learn more about Charlotte Mason and read her volumes. The issue is, they are difficult for me to read. I also don’t know which one to start with? Is there a paraphrase book? Where should I begin using some on Simply Charlotte Masons information? Thank you in advance!


    I think Catherine Levison`s books A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education are good brief overviews. Home Education is a good one of Charlotte’s volumes to start with for younger children. The edition sold on this website has a clear type and big page layout. You can read the headings and skip the parts about wool and cotton clothes if you want to;)


    You’ll be happy to know that one of the ladies on the AO Advisory has translated them into modern English!


    This website has a Learning Library that is very helpful. Here is the link to a “how to” series. You can listen through your day to get a jumpstart. I find it easier to read or hear something brief or many brief things before diving into Charlotte’s writings. They can be overwhelming. Even the paraphrases or synopses types. Small chunks makes me feel like the whole thing is more doable. If you poke around the learning library and other parts of the SCM site you will get a ton of help implementing in an easy, doable way. Some other sites I have visited just deflate me. It seems so complicated. SCM makes it possible for some of us who need that hand holding.

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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