New to CM–should I skip foreign language this year?

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    I am planning my second year of homeschooling to start in a few short weeks, and only recently decided to do full CM. We were not CM last year, and I did zero foreign language.  My kids are 8th grade, 5th grade and 3rd. I think I’m leaning towards French because I had that in school (so it’s familiar) but I would have no clue what curriculum.  My two older boys had Latin in their school prior to homeschooling.  They did First Form.  Should I do foreign language this year since everything is new? If so, should I do Latin or French? What curriculum?



    Hi there! I think you should do a foreign language if you or your kids want to and are able to, and that you shouldn’t if the opposite is true! 🙂 Throughout the years we’ve dabbled in Latin and Greek root words but that’s been the extent of our foreign language study. This year my 12 year old daughter has chosen to learn French. We found a free curriculum on youtube called French for Beginners. It’s working well so far.

    Highschool is a different story as most colleges in our state require 2 credits in the same foreign langauge.




    Christine Kaiser

    Hi I would also suggest going with your children’s interest. We started with German because it’s my mother language then Latin to get some roots down and help with grammar. Next my son wants to do Spanish and my daughter French. We won’t start with another language till next year but I will try “MANGO”. It’s a free language program from our public library with about 150 different languages. Check with your library if they are connected to “MANGO”. 🙂


    Wow, thanks! I just discovered a whole online component to our library that I never even knew existed! Opens up so many possibilities for audio-books, and yes! They have Mango — doesn’t look like all of them (no French) but I did see Spanish. My kids are interested in one of those, and actually I think Spanish would be more useful. So Mango is good?


    Duo Lingo is another free online option.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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