New SCM Middle School/ High School science??

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  • Amanda

    Are there any plans from the SCM team to continue producing science materials for the middle school and high school years?  I’d LOVE to have some CM options for upper level science that are as wonderful as the SCM history/Bible/ geography guides!!

    Karen Smith

    At this time there are no plans to develop middle school or high school level courses. You can read our statement on science in our SCM Curriculum FAQ.


    Have you looked at Sabbath Mood Homeschool?  My boys are sick of Apologia (and quite frankly I am too – it has sucked the “love of learning” out of them), so we’re trying a term of SMH this fall.  We haven’t started yet, but from what I purchased (Chemistry for middle and high school), I think they are really going to like it.


    For middle school I like choices(using narration instead of the worksheets, and Biology 101 dvds and the rest of the series.

    For high school our plan is High School Biology in Your Home,  by


    Hello,  This year we’re all using Sabbath sciences.  My 10th grader had his first day of school today and reflected how much he liked the new schedule.  Watch the podcast on ms and HS sciences with sabbath homeschool science.   We had our first day of school today.  He’s reading Autumn across America by Teale.  What I liked about today is staying on a very strict timing schedule. He keeps track of the time and not content covered.  He used an app on his laptop and we completed formal table work by 12:30.  Using the after lunch time for dictation, nature study(scheduled everyday), spending time on special studies like cooking and refinishing furniture with my mother next door and free reading too..

    9 am work includes Bible,math ,history, british lit., science, music and art study, narrations and poetry with 30 min. free time starting at 11am.

    I hope this is helpful,   Martha

    Sandra Wade

    How is the Sabbath Mood Chemistry going, MelissaB and mommamartha?

    We are finishing up the Physics by Sabbath Mood.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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