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    Does this new resource make anyone else want to have more children? My youngest is 10. SCM resources for little ones always make me wish I had more kids….


    Seriously! Stay tuned for a possible SCM baby boom. 😛


    I’m really excited about this.  Possibly the first time I’m super excited that my daughter is developmentally disabled.  She will be 10 in August, but according to her neuropsych evolution she is functioning as a 3-5 year old depending on what area we are looking at.  The five year old level is more relationships, but she has one letter she can recognize, she does know a few shapes, she knows her colors, she can count objects to 10, but has no number recognition, she loves stories and can sometimes narrate parts of stories.  She can memorize anything she hears and loves to sing.  She only has half her brain after disconnection the right side due to uncontrollable seizures.  I don’t know what level to order.  If someone has a suggestion I would love to know.  Due to her age I think I should do the 5 year old level, but then again… 🙂 Welcome to my world of confusion of trying to educate a child they say won’t learn to read, write, add simple figures and just needs to learn to self care and eventually go into a group home.  I will not accept that is all she has without fighting tooth and nail.


    Tamara Bell


    You cracked me up!  Thank you for the SCM baby boom laugh.  🙂

    April, I feel blessed to know you are excited to use this with your daughter.  The only difference in the subscription box will be the book that comes.  The rest of the supplies and the digital content are the same with leveling up and down ideas based on a child’s ability (which sounds like a perfect fit for your situation).  I have had kiddos ages 4 and 6 both enjoy the books (read multiple times) for ages 4 and 5 as well as the  chapter book.  I really believe you could chose either the book option for age 4 or 5 and not go wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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