new homeschooling mum AND very pregnant … help

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  • I have enjoyed reading all the material about discipline. Being new to homeschooling (about 10 weeks with a kinder child and toddler in tow) I’ve already discovered the value of being up bright and early and having the energy to mobilise the children in getting ready for the day instead of heading straight out of doors and into imaginative play. But I am suffering late term pregnancy insomnia and since sleep is a premium, am torn between the ‘discipline’ and the basic human need of sleep.

    Can any one point me to information about or other people’s experiences of homeschooling through the demanding time of late pregnancy and of course the newborn phase?


    I agree that habit and discipline is important (something we are struggling with…)   That said – being a new homeschooling mom, including a toddler, and very pregnant…   I wouldn’t try anything too strenuous at this point, honest.    I would pick one thing to work on, and that is it.  What is needed would depend on your kids, and your potential energy level.   One I’d recommend for YOUR needs coming up… assuming your kids don’t have this habit – is I’d institute an afternoon quiet time… maybe your toddler already naps…   This would be very helpful for you at this stage of your life.   

    I’d get the free Early Years book from here, and maybe the Laying the Rails book (I don’t have that one yet…).   Be easy on yourself, and take your time.  

    hope that helps!


    I just went through this in the Fall … I was in the third trimester and I tried to take it easy.  I would wake up, early, because my other son goes to daily therapy (for autism) so we have to be out of the house early.  I always took a nap after lunch (we do quiet time/nap time — depending on age of child).  We do school in the mornings and did play and quiet time in the afternoons.  I hope this helps.  I also took a month off after the baby was born.

    This is all reassuring – Thank you.

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