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    I have the following for sale. The list changed so much I thought I’d just post a new one. If your interested, e mail roslyn j harris at gmail dot com. No spaces or caps in the e mail. I take paypal. Prices include shipping.

    • ABeka Language workbooks grade 3 and 4 — $17 ppd. New. Price per each book. No writing, unused student workbooks 3rd grade is eCur. 4th is oldernedition
    • A Summer of playing skillfully , Pre-K — $48 ppd. New. All here unused with printables in a binder ISBN 9780990777014
    •  A year of playing skillfully w/printab, Pre-K — $100 ppd. Good. Only missing scavenger hunt page could make from picture ISBN 9780990777007
    • Alpha Omega Horizons K, 3, 5 math 2 book sets, $37 ppd. Each Nice. Each set has 1 complete teacher manual and 1 new student workbook part 2 in each set ISBN 9780740303098
    •  Alpha Omega Horizons math teacher guide 1st, 2, 4, Grs. K-5 — $16 ppd. Good. Complete Teacher guide only for grades 1, 2, and 4 price per each
    • Alpha Omega Horizons preschool for 3s manual, Pre-K — $12 ppd. Nice. Manual only for preschool 3 very fun and homeschool friendly
    • Alpha Omega Horizons preschool (k4)set 5 books, Pre-K — $40 ppd. Good. Includes 5 books. 2 teacher books, 2 student books, Materials packet. Missing 1st 4 lessons in student materials. The rest is here and unmarked. Teacher books are complete and unmarked
    • American Girl Samantha boxed set, Grs. K-5 — $20 ppd. Good. Old 6 book set including box
    • Beautiful feet Early America primary, Grs. K-5 — $30 ppd. New. New 3rd edition guide and new crossing the Bok Chitto book ISBN 9781893103870
    • Bible Study for all Ages unit 1 complete, Grs. K-12 — $55 ppd. Good. Teacher Guide, timeline, cd, maps, and labels
    • BJU English 3 teacher edition, Gr. 3 — $30 ppd. Nice. 2nd edition includes cd we didn’t use ISBN 9781579248314
    • BJU Handwriting 4 set, Gr. 4 — $5 ppd. Good. Teacher + student Older edition 2-3 middle pgs used ISBN 0890842450
    •  BJU Math K5 teacher edition, Gr. K5 — $35 ppd. Nice. 4th edition w/ cd we didn’t use ISBN 9781606824863
    •  BJU Science 3 set w/cd e4 unused, Gr. 3 — $75 ppd. Nice. 3 book set has student text, manual, and activity manual answer key ISBN 1606828843
    •  BJU Science 5, Gr. 5 — $18 ppd. Nice. Student text 4th edition ISBN 9781606824634
    • Galloping the globe set , Grs. K-5 — $35 ppd. Nice. No markes in any books! Includes unit study guide with cd, and 6 books. Great for God, considering Gods creation teacher and student, usborne stories from around the world, outline maps,profiles from history one Great, fun family study! ISBN 9781931397650
    • Grandpa’s Box by Starr Meade , Grs. K-8 — $7 ppd. Nice. God’s story of redemption used in heart of dakota preparing ISBN ISBN 9780875528663
    • Heart of Dakota Bigger set , Grs. K-5 — $50 ppd. Good. Guide and 3 history, 1 science, 1 Bible books ISBN 0974769584
    •  Heart of dakota little hearts , Gr. K — $28 ppd. Good. Teacher manual few marks, Bible, and science book no marks ISBN 097476955X
    • Master books America’s Story 2 teacher, Grs. K-5 — $16 ppd. Nice. Teacher guide with reproducible student pages ISBN 9780890519820
    • Master books the universe , Grs. K-8 — $8 ppd. Nice. 1 elementary astronomy book lots of investigations! ISBN 9780890517970
    • MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures, Grs. K-8 — $65 ppd. Good. Guide, 3 core books + 13 book basket books e2
    • MFW God’s Creation from A to Z +2, Gr. K — $35 ppd. Nice. Orange cover manual 6 day units preschooler Bible, 1st virtues ISBN 9781619990081
    • Miquon lot yellow, purple, green, blue, student books and lab annotations Grs. K-5 — $25 ppd. Nice. all clean except 15 pgs pencil in blue ISBN 0913684554
    • Pathway phonics 3 book lot , Gr. K — $8 ppd. Good. Learning through sounds teacher book, before we read, (3 pages marked) and Learning through sounds 1 (9 marked pages)
    • Phonics Pathways , Grs. K-12 — $12 ppd. Nice. Nice phonics primer. 10th edition. ISBN 1118022432
    •  RightStart manipulative , Grs. K-5 — $11 ppd. Nice. Base 10 cards and very handy blue plastic  holder and organizer
    • Rod and Staff English 3 and 4 sets, Grs. K-5 — $28 ppd. Good. Price per each set (Each set includes 1 teacher and 1 student)book set
    • Rod and Staff Preschool/kindergarten workbook set, Gr. K — $20 ppd. New. 8 prek workbook book set e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l ISBN 9780739900178
    •  Rod and Staff Progressing with Arithmetic set, Gr. 4 — $30 ppd. Nice. Grade 4 3 book set 2 teacher books + 1 student book ISBN 0739904701
    • Ruth beechick 3 book set , Grs. K-5 — $10 ppd. Nice. Home start reading, easy start arithmatic, strong start language ISBN 0940319004
    • Singapore Earlybird kindergarten math standards, Gr. K — $13 ppd. Nice. Textbook B clean and no marks ISBN 9780761470168
    • WriteShop A and D teacher manuals, Grs. K-5 — $22 ppd. Nice. Price each Creative writing program with bit of grammar ISBN 9781935027126

    I added 4 books (buffalo bill, picture book of Sacagawea, George Washington, Pocahontas) to the beautiful feet set. The price is now $55.



    Master books America’s Story 2 teacher

    MFW countries and cultures


    Christian Liberty Press A childs story of america, Grs. K-5 — $9 ppd. Nice. Nice, interesting elementary American history text 2nd edition

    Critical Thinking Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1, Pre-K — $23 ppd. New. Great for a 3 or 4 year old! Lots of critical thinking in a math book! ISBN 9780894558863

    Math-U-See Basic Algebra and geometry 3 book set, Gr. 8 — $50 ppd. Nice. Teacher manual, student text, extra practice sheets no writing older edition no dvds Great for preAlgebra or a struggling student!

    Ruth beechick 2 book set , Grs. K-12 — $11 ppd. Nice. A Biblical Home Education and How to Write Clearly ISBN 9780805444544

    Ruth beechick 3 book set , Grs. K-5 — $10 ppd. Nice. Home start reading, easy start arithmatic, strong startlanguage ISBN 0940319004


    Will you have any other books from MFW for sale?  I’m specifically looking for the family cycles.


    No,  Reese23, I will not have any more MFW books for sale. I’m sorry.


    Phonics Pathways


    Part of Beautiful Feet set sold.  I have what is listed below still availiable.

    Beautiful feet Early America primary, Grs. K-5 — $27 ppd. New. New 3rd edition guide and George washington book ISBN 9781893103870



    WriteShop D

    A Year of Playing Skillfully

    A Summer of Playing Skillfully



    Abeka language 4

    Heart of Dakota Bigger Heartfs

    Christian Liberty A Child’s Story of America

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