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    I was wondering if there has been an updated book for Egypt? If so, what changed? I have the older version and wondered if it was necessary to purchase the new addition?


    You can use the old one or update your guide.  They did make several changes, but you can use the guide “as-is” or update it on your own or buy a new guide.  I think either route will be just fine!

    Here is a guide to switch the old spine to  Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors.

    And Visits is easy to switch, you just replace each geography lesson with a lesson from Visits to Africa.

    You can add Stuff They Left Behind, but I’m not sure exactly where to fit the pictures.  That was probably the main reason I chose to update my guide this time around.  Plus I like the spiral binding.  😊

    Some of the other books changed too, you can compare booklists to see the changes, but these mostly changed to work with out of print books, so either list has good books.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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