New CMO tweak to the Scheduler

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  • Jordan Smith

    We’ve had a number of requests for a way to schedule a resource to be used with a specific chapter of another resource. It’s already possible to do it like this: Let’s say resource A is a book with 10 chapters and you want to use resource B with it when you get to chapter 7. You can schedule Resource A twice: once with chapters 1–6 and once with chapters 7–10. Then you can schedule resource B to be used with the instance that has chapters 7–10.

    The problem with that is the Scheduler wouldn’t tell you which chapters you had scheduled for each version of Resource A. This morning, we made a tweak to the Scheduler that makes it easier to do this. Now, when you have the same resource scheduled more than once, the Scheduler will show you which divisions are scheduled for each copy.

    It sounds complicated to explain, but it’s really simple when you see it working:

    Scheduler Tweak

    We hope this tweak is helpful to you!


    This is a great help.  How do duplicate resources show on reports?

    Jordan Smith

    If you schedule the same resource multiple times for the same student, they should be combined into one listing for that resource, showing all the assignments that have been worked on or completed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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