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    I’m on the hunt for some books suggestions/literature/fiction for my kids to read independently and narrate. My daughter is 12. She enjoys historical fiction. Her latest reads have been the Anne of Green Gables series and Caddie Woodlawn. I want her to branch out a little and read some other types of books as well.

    My son is 9, but he reads nearly as well as his sister. He started reading Where the Red Fern Grows, but it is so detailed, and he is basically just getting the big picture, which I guess is okay, but I’m wondering if it is too detailed for him. He is pretty sensitive, too, and I’m starting to wonder if the end is going to be too much for him. He finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH most recently. He enjoys adventure type stories.

    I appreciate any suggestions you may have. My kids love to read, so I’m sure they would be willing to try something new as well. My daughter just tends to lean toward books about girls, but I am trying to encourage her to read a variety of stories.


    Racso and the Rats is the sequel to Mrs. Frisby.  We really enjoyed both.

    Poppy by Avi and the rest of that series is good.

    Gooney Bird Green was enjoyed by my 8yo dd.

    Those are recent books that came to my mind right away.

    • twenty and ten is a good ww2 adventure
    • 8 cousins is a story by Louisa Mae Alcott that my husband and I both liked and learned a lot from as 12 or so year olds
    • Enemy Brothers by constance Savery is one of my top favorites. Also WW2 probably better for 12 yr old.
    •  Laddie by gene Stratton porter is way better and more interesting than her other books it is autobiographical I think. Not exactly a girl book but it may stretch your daughter a bit and I bet she would like it.

    Maybe they could read to each other, Justin Morgan had horse and ben west and grimlakin. My children ds, 15, dd10 and ds7, are expected to read to each other! Martha

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