Need some guidance with switching to Math-U-Seee for DD11 and DS8

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  • As a quick note to add to the great advice already, I actually started my kids separately for my sanity’s sake. It was all so new and I needed to just have one child ( I started with my oldest) begin one video, get a grasp on how to do it, and then it was so much easier to start my other two during the following weeks that proceeded.

    I don’t schedule the lessons but just go along with each lesson every week according to mastery. If it is not understood, I continue with the same lesson. This doesn’t really happen much, except my youngest who needs time to soak in the material. She’s only 6, and doing Alpha. We have been on the same lesson for 2 weeks. But she’s getting it! And she only does 15 minutes a day, so the same lesson sheet is usually used the next day due to time.


    @SimpleHome – that is a good idea and I’m doing it for sanity’s sake, too. Yes, we’ll go for mastery, but aim for 1 lesson per week or 3 lessons in 4 weeks. 

    As an addendum. I let dd11 start in Gamma today. It was easy for her, but she LOVED – LOVED – LOVED it! She did about 6 lessons and covered through lesson 10. She is THRILLED with how Mr. Demme explains things and loved his trick regarding x 9s. We’re going to take a couple weeks to fly through Gamma (she has her facts down). Then we’re going to start with Delta and fly through the parts with single digit divisors, slowing down after that. I am so glad I bought this for her, esp. It’s a blessing to have her excited about math and on a Saturday no less!

    Our math plan now includes Math-U-See, Life of Fred and Rapid Recall. One less thing to think through forever, I hope!




    I just thought I would give you my schedule too :).

    M- I watch the videos with my children, then go over the lesson and usually do all or most of page A with them. Then they do page D on their own.I prefer to have them do a lesson practice and review page each day. That way they don’t get burnt out. It breaks things up a bit. I sometimes assign all of the lesson practice, but usually I just circle the ones I want them to do. Mondays are long,but the rest of the week is a breeze.

    Tu- B & E

    W- C & F

    Th- They do math games, TT CDs, or Ray’s

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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