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    I am writing to ask for prayers for a friend of mine. Her name is Cheri Uchinski. She is the mother to 5 healthy boys and 1 brand new girl on 9/4/08. (Little back up last year they lost a boy at 8mo).

    2 days ago she was brought into our local hospital because she was experiencing preclampsia (spelling? ) and a couple other minor things. She is a RN and knows to well the ins and outs of everything. This morning I got an email she was sent to the cities here to go into a large hospital Abbot. She is having heart failure. She is scheduled to have some type of heart surgery though at this time we are not sure exactly what they are going to do.

    Her family is asking everyone to just pray. They know God is incontrol, but we are all very much praying becuase this little angle Emma (8days old) is without her mom right now and we don’t want the family to loose there mom.

    Please just pray for them her husband Bill is under extreme stress and could also use our prayers.



    Prayers are winging their way to this lady, her precious new baby and her family who must be so stressed. Please let us all know how she is doing when you hear. God bless you for being a friend to this family and getting the word out for prayer. Let us all pray that God works one of his awesome miracles for this family.


    We’re praying.


    Oh Misty, I’m so sorry that the Uchinski’s have to go through this. May the Lord turn even this into His good purpose and will. We’re trusting Him to carry your friend and her family through.


    THANK YOU THANK YOU… OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN HEARD. I don’t know the exact extent to everything, but what I do know is she is doing better and going home tomarrow. Will be on bedrest, no activities ect for the week. Watched every 2 weeks, but this is at this time for unknown amount of time.

    I appreciate the prayers we have all been on eggshells waiting for this. We are glad they are going home, but as you can imagine (for your hubbys) this is still going to be a HUGE deal. Taking care of mom, 6 children (one only days old) and missing over a week of work.

    The Lord does listen to his people when they call on him in numbers! Praise to our Lord who is Lord of all.

    Thank you again.



    Praise the Lord!


    Will continue to pray for this family


    just saw this…how is she?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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