Need opinions on Living Chemistry Books

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    I’m starting a 3 day a week co-op in a couple of months. We are using MFW as our core and adding some things. I have 3 1oth graders that will studying chemistry. I’m letting them each pick their own chemistry spine, 2 are doing Life of Fred Chemistry and one is doing Master Books, Master Class Chemistry.

    To those spines, I’m adding living books and labs. My question for you all is about the living books.  I bought That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles, The Mystery of the Periodic Table , Napoleon’s Buttons and Molecules of Murder. When the books came, my husband and I fought over which of us got to read Molecules of Murder first. 🙂 But he has nixed it for school. The murder details and the instructions on making poison made him think it wouldn’t be a good choice for some of the students.

    Does anyone have experience with the other books: The Mystery of the Periodic Table, Napoleon’s Buttons and That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles? I don’t know if I have time to read all of them with all the other planning I’m doing by the end of next month.

    Is there anything inappropriate for a group of 15 year old in those books?



    Mystery of the Periodic Table is appropriate. I read it and my son read it last year at 11 and enjoyed it. I’m only about 2 chapters into Napoleon’s Buttons and haven’t found anything inappropriate yet.


    My son said that he thinks that Napoleon’s Buttons has a chapter on birth control pills. Other than that, he liked the book.

    His favorite chemistry books are “Molecules” and “Elements” by, Theodore Gray.

    Periodic videos.    com  has great videos.


    I do have Molecules and Elements, too! They are great!



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