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    Ok.. I know some of you might shutter at this but can anyone suggest websites or catalogs you use to buy “quality” gifts that are not per say toys but teaching in an educational type of way without it seeming that way. Boy I hope that makes sense. I have a lot of Bdays and Holidays I have to start thinking now or it will be coal for mom on Christmas. LOL

    Our birthday – holidays have started there are 7 of us and goes like this. 8/30 -Keegan’s Bday, 9/15 Sorleys Bday, 10/25 Our Anniv., 11/11 Tierney’s Bday, 11/16 my Bday, Thanksgiving, 12/16 Darby’s Bday, Christmas, New Years, 1/25 dad’s Bday, 2/9 New baby to arrive and 2/22 Quinlans Bday. Did I meantion taxes (we have to pay quarterly and other things that just come up??)_

    I am NOT complaining just looking for items that will educate, inhance or just entertain my children w/o the thought HMMMM so how long will that last?

    Any suggestions welcome. I already get Timberdoodle, Vision Forum, and Young Explores.



    Online museum shops often have cool (a bit $$$ but sometimes you can find stuff on clearance).

    Back to Basics

    Farm Country General Store (

    Tobin’s Lab (

    Nature Friend

    Keepers of the Faith

    You are very organized! We have a similar spring; nine out of ten birthdays are between March and June. Our littlest one is on December 1, so by then we are ready to party again!




    great suggestions, cindy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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