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    So, we lose one day a week due to a classical school our children attend.  It’s been wonderful for enrichment but it’s also affecting the ability of being able to finish Rome in one year (which we need to do).  I normally double up once a week to make up for the lost day but even with that it looks like we are going to come up short. Any ideas?  I hate to skip the Bible readings altogether…I’ve thought about skipping just some of them.  Also, doing Bible at night isn’t an option for us. so that doesn’t work either.  Thoughts?

    Thanks! Janelle, mom to many…homeschooling for 17+ years


    Which grade levels are your kids?  I’m thinking you could continue the Story of the Romans and Bible readings and cut back on the novels. While the novels add to the experience by letting them get a feel for what life was like at the time, the main book is likely more important.


    Can you listen to the Bible in the car on your way to and from the school?


    Janelle, a couple options come to mind that would have you ending your study on the ‘schedule’ you want:

    1. Make use of audio books and audio for scripture readings. Do these over breakfast, lunch, a snack, while kids are doing art, etc. Or just read to them during a meal and eat your own food before or after. Also use any time in the car for listening or having  someone read aloud.

    2. Look through the history plan and choose some lessons to skip or combine this time around. Remember, kids can study Rome more than once over the course of their schooling. They do not have to learn everything or read every book this year. Maybe you choose to put some of the books into a free reading basket for kids to browse on their own. Are your kids reading  their own history books from around 4th or 5th grade? That also opens up more of your time.

    3. Do the missed weekly history lesson on Saturday instead of the day they are in the classical school. (I don’t recommend this, but if you are convinced you must do it all and do it all in one year it may be necessary.)

    4. Evaluate the pros and cons to attending the classical school. Consider if it is worth doing at this time if your family cannot do their regular lessons. No judgement here – you may see when you do this that YES the classical school is good for your family and you will then be willing to do less history, cutting out lessons or books along the year. Or you may see that NO, it isn’t a good fit for your family right now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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