Need help choosing history modules for 8th grade and beyond

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    We went through Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt a handful of years ago, then had to skip a couple of years when my health failed and I had to cut back on subjects.

    Then did Early Modern & Epistles for our then 6th grader who had never had US History, and now we are going on our second year doing Modern Times & Epistles, Revelation, but hoping to finish soon”ish.”  Not sure what that will look like.

    Our son is going into 8th grade and I’m not sure what to do after we finally finish up Modern Times, especially considering the requirements for high school which he’ll have the following years.

    We have not gone through Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece, Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome, or Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles.

    I’m just not sure what to do once we finish Modern Times to make sure we fit all the requirements in.  Plus squeezing in Government, civics, etc.  Any thoughts?

    Thank you!




    You could just pick up where you left off after Genesis and do:

    Joshua (8th) – Matthew (9th) – Middle Ages (10th) – then do another sweep through Early Modern (11th) and Modern (12th) at the high school level and add in the Government/Civics course  as recommended in either 11th or 12th grade along with the US History.

    This would keep what you do from now forward chronological while getting the high school level US History and the government/civics requirement in later in HS.


    Thank you!  That’s kind of what I was thinking, but was concerned about what would happen if our son did dual-enrollment.  I HIGHLY doubt he will be ready for that considering he is very dyslexic.

    My mama’s heart wants to hold on to every minute with him since I lost so much quality time with him due to illness.  But I have no idea how to make it all work if he actually were to decide to do dual-enrollment.  I guess he would take history at our local college if that were the case.  Ugh, what a dreadful thought after doing CM!  🙁


    I completely understand how you feel. I have high-schoolers and it’s bittersweet.

    I suppose if he does do dual enrollment you could keep history at home and let him do other subjects for dual enrollment. I don’t think they have to do all classes at home and college to be in that type of program. I may be wrong-I haven’t looked into it fully yet.


    In California you pick and choose for dual enrollment if you are enrolling in community college. I see high schoolers taking college english, math, and science. I dont see them taking history typically. I am the administrator of a home based private school so I get sign the dual enrollment approvals for our students. But I know California is a little different than other states with regard to homeschooling.

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