Navigating the Handbook of Nature Study on a Kindle

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    My sweet husband surprised me with a Kindle a couple of weeks ago. =)  I have been having fun looking for stuff to download to it.  I did download the free version of the Handbook of Nature Study – following the link from the AO website.  However, because of it being a freebie edition , it doesn’t have the Table of Contents linked to anything, and I have been having  a terrible time figuring out how to navigate it.   I wanted to look up some of the pages mentioned in one of the challenges on the Handbook of Nature Study blog – but since there are no page numbers, I couldn’t.  So I tried using the search function to search for the topic, but came up with so many hits I still couldn’t tell if I was reading the right bit.   Has anyone played around with this more and can give me any advice how to navigate through it and look for what I want?  Or, is there a better Kindle edition out there somewhere (I don’t mind paying a little bit), that has the Table of Contents or index linked to the text?  Or is this maybe one of those books that really is better to have in Paper format?

    Thanks for any ideas!



    Unfortunately, I don’t know of a version with the Table of Contents setup.    And because the blog references page numbers, it would be easier for this book to have the paper version

    I have done searches for the starts of chapters (using the name of the chapter), then I make a note, so I can find it again with the View Notes and Marks.


    Don’t let this book turn you off of Kindles though… there are many many fine books!


    I hope version becomes available for purchase which solves these problems! I, too, would love to put the Handbook on my kindle, but the current free version is not worth the trouble. 🙂 I’d gladly pay for a truly useful kindle version. 


    Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured might be the case…but you never know until you ask.  I did go ahead and just bought the paper copy.  If anyone ever hears of a better Kindle edition becoming available, I’d love to know about it though!  It’s such a BIG giant book!

    But don’t worry, it hasn’t put me off my kindle at all.  There are plenty of other great things out there for it!  And since I’m sort of addicted to real paper books as well, I certainly don’t mind an excuse to have to buy one. Tongue out


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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