Nature: see our Saw Whet Owl!

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    I didn’t see nature study happening this past week. We had a snowstorm and it was so cold… Wed and Thursday night we had a little owl sitting on our porch hunting for mice. I got a good photo because I was prepared!

    I quietly opened the back door and snapped a photo! I posted a photo on our but I’m told the photos don’t appear.

    I know the photo is on our other blog:

    With the help of others on homeschoolshare we identified the owl as a Saw whet owl!!

    We have nesting Great Horns, and Red Tailed Hawks in our backyard, 2 playful squirrels, and other creatures; but these are our favorite!

    PS…the stinker squirrel drug a baby blanket up to the tip top of the tree to snuggle around her nest!! Just glad it wasn’t one I needed to keep! I couldn’t believe it!


    Oh, how fun, we love owls! Great picture and great opportunities for your kids!

    Michelle D


    Awesome picture!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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