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    I am looking for a book that has nature poems or short readings for our co-op devotion time. We meet once a week (mostly outdoors) and we want to help the children to see the glory of God all around. We have ages 3-13. I know if it’s too long, it will loose them because alot of the time we are meeting outside and they get distracted. The reading doesn’t have to talk about the Lord but I’m looking for something to stimulate them, to make them stop and think.  I was looking at Parable From Nature by Margaret Gatty, but the stories are a bit too long. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. 


    Haikus are usually about nature and they are short. Perhaps you could read a few and maybe even write a few with the kids.

    Richele Baburina

    By far our favorite nature poems come from Joyful Noise by Paul Fleischman.  These are fourteen poems told in the “voices” of insects and are such fun for reading aloud – both for the audience and the readers and are real attention getters.

    SCM has Outdoor Secrets by Margaret P. Boyle.  They’re not very long and have “gentle life lessons” woven into the stories. Christian Liberty Nature Readers are also short.  They might be too long for a devotion though.  How about reading a psalm that gives nature as a reason for worshipping God (ie Ps. 8, 19, 29, 104, and 148)?  Hours in the Out-of-Doors is full of great quotes as well and is put together by SCM.

    Hope that helps some, it sounds like a great co-op!




    There is Lessons from Nature by John Bunyan (Pilgrim’s Progress).  CBD has it. Smile


    I didn’t start this thread, but i run a CM co-op, too. So, thanks for asking, 104goodbuddy!

    Richele, thanks for mentioning Joyful Noise. It has sat unopened on my shelf for a long time. I just opened it and I love it. This will be a perfect addition to CM co-op assembly time.

    I will check out Lessons from Nature, too, Kim. Thanks.




    Hello Ladies,

    I just ordered Joyful Noise, it looks great. Did you read it with two people? Our co-op is in it’s infancy stages so I’m putting my feelers out. There is not alot of families that use CM style learning in our area so this is a new experience for the kids and parents. I’m looking up the other titles you’ve suggested as well.

    Thank you.


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