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  • I am new to narrations and I saw this on the  site for 7th graders:

    • Require oral and written narrations; throughout the year work on expository and descriptive styles; include story, poetry, and letter forms

    Will the Mod 3 book tell me to do this and how?


    Thanks in advance,



    When one of the module lessons requires a narration, I believe it’s assuming that you and your children are already familiar with Charlotte Mason and narrating. Narration is one of the tenets of the CM method. Basically, you read to or have your child read a passage, and then they either tell back or write what they remember from the passage. This is narration. It is a skill that must be developed, as it is quite challenging. 

    Here is the SCM link to all the discussions on narration:

    You can scroll through some previous threads and get good ideas on how to do narration and how to help your child develop this skill. 

    Hope that helps!



    I just posted this link on the other narration thread but thought I’d put it here, too. Maybe some of these ideas will help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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