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    We are in our 2nd year of Hsing. DD9 is over half way through MUS Gamma this year. We covered Alpha and Beta last year to learn together and start fresh versus what she learned in K and 1st public school. We have struggled in enjoying Math, which I realize everyone doesn’t have to like everything. Struggle is no fun though. My daughter, when she has a positive attitude, can typically take her time and get correct answers. She knows how to get answers but is not quick with any of her facts from last year or this year. We tried XtraMath over the summer and she started to despise it because of the race the teacher part. She has definite test anxiety. So anyhow… Tonight, I took the plunge and bought the LOF Elementary series. she has caught the love of reading this fall and I’m hoping this will help.

    So, does anyone use MUS and LOF? How do you implement it? Could I have her work through reading LOF on her own, at her pace? We only have two more multiplication facts to learn in Gamma. I’m thinking of taking a break from moving on to the last 10 lessons until we can flip through flash cards. Thoughts?

    For those that use only LOF, how does that look in your schedule?


    I do MUS pretty much everyday and Life of Fred about once a week w/my 3rd grader. We took a break from MUS when I felt we needed to work on multiplication facts more and did LOF instead.

    LOF is a good supplement. I tried to use it as the only program w/my older kids and it didn’t work. They dropped LOF altogether and went back to MUS. They didn’t care for the story and preferred to do just math. For kids who have difficulty w/Math I think that the repetition (which Mr.Schmidt does not seem too fond of) is important. I think maybe LOF works as only program for a kid who loves and gets math. Just my 2 cents.

    You see how your daughter likes it. I would make sure she actually does the lessons. My first son hates math and he did a few lesson where he would just copy the answers and tell me it was easy!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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