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    Hi there! I’m wondering if I can schedule multiple resources using only one resource and still have the report say that all of the resources scheduled within the one were completed as individual resources? My specific example is this:

    I’m entering a CM History, Geography, & Bible curriculum book and I’m including as much information as possible under the lesson divisions, including the different books we’re reading through, both family and grade level books, and I’m trying to 1) eliminate having to enter multiple resources individually if I can combine them into one, 2) eliminate having to use 2-3 or more separate resources within the Organizer if I can use 1 to describe many and 3) eliminate having to mark as complete 2-3 or more resources if I can do that by marking just one. I am also trying to minimize the need to reference the physical curriculum book as much as possible by entering as much necessary information into my lesson divisions in the Organizer so that I can use it to my greatest advantage to save me time during each day and to help me focus on one thing (the Organizer) when I’m preparing and teaching my lessons each day. Doing things this way will help me to go at my own pace rather that keeping to the specific schedule that is laid out in the curriculum book, but still keeping the different resources together as they are laid out in the book.

    This is really drawn out, but I should say that I already know that I can schedule resources in the way that I am describing, but what I really need to know is that if I do schedule them in this way, will the reports still record that my students completed each individual resource and give them the credits for doing so or do I need to enter them all in separately in order for the reports to recognize them as separate resources? (I’m also wanting to do this with the CM elementary Science courses:).

    I hope this makes sense!


    Jordan Smith

    Interesting question! That might be an approach you could take, but there will be a couple gotchas to be aware of.

    First, if you need a bibliography report, that won’t show each resource you’ve used since those are listed in division titles. Bibliography reports use the resources you’ve scheduled to build the report.

    Second, if you want to see each resource organized by title on your progress reports, you’ll need to schedule each individual resource separately. Again, since you’re recording the resources used as division titles, those will all be displayed on reports under the lesson plan resource.

    Does that make sense?


    Yes, it does! Now I know how to proceed, hopefully with success with what I want to achieve. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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