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    Hi Everyone,

    When reading Charlotte Mason’s guidelines for young children, she seems to suggest spending hours outside with the children each day.  I did this when my oldest were little, but now that they are older (16, 14, 12, and 11) and we have more work to do INSIDE, my youngest ones (4 and 3) don’t get out near as much.  How do you all manage this with multiple ages?




    Hi Sheryl,

    We schedule the younger ones to go out twice a day and the older once a day. When the older children are doing their independant work, I take the younger one out. Then everyone goes out later in the afternoon when all work is completed. Looking forward to hearing how others do it too.



    Heather.. I’d like to know how old your “older” ones are?  If I leave my 11, 10 & 8 yr old in the house.. they just screw around. (I know a training issue, but not now..AHHH morning sickness)

    For us.. we are blessed to have 10 acreas and the swing set is in the back yard.  Which I can see everything from my kitchen.. the front and the back.  So I will let my 3.5 yr go out alone if he wants.  Also, I can send the 6 yr old to go with him.  After the older ones are done I send them out with there 1 yr old sister to “play” while I correct books or do something one on one with someone who needs me.  Misty


    We only have 3 children (boys) and my oldest is 11.  He needs to go outside as much as my younger ones so sometimes in the morning they’ll all go out and I’ll call my oldest in for some work after about 20 minutes.  Then it’s my 7 yo’s turn to do some table work or practice music, etc. and my 11 yo plays with my 4 yo.  I guess you could say that they spend time together and separate so I can focus on one child’s work. 

    We do have our family time, independent reading, and special interests to fit in, but with the lang. arts/math/science lessons being much shorter than they used to be we get alot more accomplished.  And have lots of time for being outdoors.  My oldest is very easy so leaving him to do his work is never a problem, but then again it’s only him and he doesn’t have anyone else to mess around with. 

    Maybe you could rotate the kids from playing outdoors with a younger one and spending time indoors with their lessons. I guess you could say that’s what I do, but then again I have only 3 to rotate:)  Maybe someone with 4 or more children will chime in with better advice:)  Good luck:)

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