Module 6, Prairie Primer, Pioneer Sampler, and Pa's Fiddle Project

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    We will finish up module 5 in a few months and I am looking forward to the Little House on the Prairie series along with activities and books used in the Prairie Primer unit study guide. I would also like to read a chapter of Pioneer Sampler on Fridays. Has anyone else used these in combination with books from module 6? I am wondering if it is too much and how to schedule all of it. I am thinking of reading the Little House book chapters at bedtime and doing the Prairie Primer activities the next school day. Any tips?

    Along the lines of Little House, I discovered that music referred to in Laura’s books are being produced in a project for 10 discs of 127 songs. The first three CD’s are available now and I’ve read good reviews, but have not heard their music yet. There is supposed to be a PBS special to air during their pledge drive. Does anyone have an opinion on these?


    This sounds great! I am planning to do the Praire Primer during next summer rather than trying to fit it in with something else, but I need simple things right now any way! I hadn’t heard of the music though. Thanks!

    Sorry I couldn’t answer your question either.


    Kristen, the Prairie Primer is set up to go through all 9 books in 36 weeks doing it 4 days per week. How were you planning to fit that into the summer?

    I have never read all of the books. We heard the audio books of the Big Woods and on the Prairie from the library a year or so ago. I am wondering if we’ll make it through all 9 books and if it is really necessary.

    Also, I found some free lapbooks for each book in the series from that I plan to use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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