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    Geography is one of our favorite subjects so I research as much as possible before the start of a year.  These websites have great insight into countries and we use them as supplements to our reading unless the country is one where I found little info on that I liked.  There is often enough information to use these sites alone, many with living geography as their style.  These are not geography games, but prayer websites, info for children, etc.  This is a favorite, it often includes prayer videos by native people and beautiful video images.

    What I usually do when planning, is visit all these sites once I know which countries we are looking at for the year and see what I can use.  There are days I use only these sites and find that for their ages (9yo, 6yo, 4yo) there is enough information.  We also color a page of the country flag and add crafts or recipes from books or other resources.  


    THANK YOU! I can’t wait to sit down with some hot tea and browse! I definitely was not looking for game sites, so these are perfect! As Christie suggested, I’m going to go into a continental study of Asia. My ds really enjoyed coloring the flags of the Middle East, so we will continue that with Asia. I will look over these sites to see if I can find something to replace Voskamp’s book. Thank you again!

    Love this, thanks Igeurink for posting!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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