Module 2 (Need help w this time period!)

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    Hi Everyone!

    We are  looking at doing Module 2 next year. (SIGH) For our last history cycle, we did Tapestry of Grace (and were extremely overwhelmed) but we did read a LOT of great, exciting, living books. We did Module 1 this year, and enjoyed the Bible, but didn’t find any books we just loved. (Maybe it was the time period)……? Looking ahead to Module 2, the book situation seems to be the same.  🙁  Again, this is a not so fun time period, IMO.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to add some ‘spice’ to these difficult time periods that seem to be lacking literature selections?

    Anyone use TruthQuest alongside Modules (and not get overwhelmed)? I do like the commentaries of TQ and it seems like they ‘teach’ the kids how to think and evaluate……in the guides?

    Anyone have any guidance? Please!!!  🙂



    I combined Modules 1-3, so I could stay on a 4-year history rotation, so I’m not sure if my ideas will work for you or not.  I added in the Your Story Hour Acts of the Apostle CDs — great, exciting stories of Paul’s journeys.  (Basically, the book of Acts in story form.  My girls are loving it.)

    I also added in the Drive Thru History DVDs.  Again, we’re loving those.

    I found some good books in History Through the Ages (Tirzah, Twice Freed, Victory on the Walls, Theras and His Town).  Again, I’m not sure how they fit into Module 2, since I went and did my own thing.

    Jim Weiss also has some history “broadcasts” from that general time period that I downloaded (for $10, I think).  We haven’t listened to those yet, but will start those when we’re done with the Acts of the Apostles.

    And  I added History Pockets, just picking and choosing which paper-wasters (I have mixed feelings about all that cutting and pasting nonsense *L*) that I wanted to do.


    If you’ll post particular topics/people/events, I’m sure we can give you living books to go along.  I’ve used TQ since it came out so I don’t even know what time period Module 2 covers.  Ancient Greece, based on Karen’s response?


    TQ does have ample book suggestions! If you bought the Greece guide I don’t doubt that you would find more interesting books than could be read in the year. 🙂 They do have samples to download.


    I’m hoping to do all of ancient history next year. I’m hoping to use On the Shores of the Great Sea for a spine and for the ancient Greece section, I’m have “Theras and His Town” and “Archimedes and the Door of Science.”

    What are your kids’ ages?

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