'Modern Times, Epistles, and Revelation'…have you used it?

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    I’m considering using this in the fall for dd who will be in 6th grade. Since she has an enrichment day one day a week, we are down to 4 days to work through the curriculum, which looks great. I’m just trying to visualize what this will look like as we try to fit in 5 days worth of work into 4.


     Has anyone used this and needed to consolidate as I am? I would love your thoughts on what it looks like, time-wise. I’m thinking we could do it first thing in the morning, other subjects, then add in geography at the end of the day. Another day would have Bible added to the regular schedule.


    FWIW: she would be doing independent reading for the selections by grade level.


     Thank you!!!


    We’re sort of in the same situation having a 4 day week. We haven’t done it yet (we start this coming year) so I can’t really give you ideas on how it was done successfully. We’ll be cutting out the Bible portion. We read from the scriptures every night as a family so I feel okay eliminating it. We just finished up the Middle Ages/Reformation one on a 4 day week and they did just fine. As a family we did about 30 minutes worth of work (minus the scripture) then they read on their own. They said it took them between 15 and 30 minutes a day to finish their readings, depending on the book.


    Oh, nice! That helps, to have some kind of time reference.


    Did you use all the books recommended, for 6th grade?


    If we do go this route, I want to use all the books recommended. In the past I’ve always made do with other books and tweaked, but this year I want to follow a plan! Now I’m on the hunt for these…hopefully borrowing from friends where I can and then seeing what the cost is to purchase the rest.


    Another way to do it, is just put Bible and Geography day on another day as a weekly subject – which is exactly what it is.  You could either put them on two separate days, or the same.  So one day you’d do both history and geography.

    I guess I should clarify sicne you haven’t used it yet, that Bible and Geopgraphy are scheduled only one day/wk and no history is scheduled on those days.  Hope that makes sense.  So you wouldn’t really have to re-do the plans/schedule to make it work.

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